Friday, April 5, 2013

430 First and Second Grade Freebies! Oh My! TBA Birthday Bash!

Today's the Day! The big Birthday Bash!
There are over 430 first and second grade FREEBIES.
There are hundreds more for every grade level.  
Pick your grade level and have at it!
Grab plenty of ink for your printer and start downloading. 
Just click on the link below to get you started. 

Here are a few of my freebies! 
This ABC Year End countdown is filled with fun activities for the last 26 days of school.
Just click on the picture to download. 

Click on the picture below to grab 2 math center games for practicing doubles and triples. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun shopping and grabbing all the freebies!
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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Thanks to a wonderful reader, Jenny, she caught an error on my Double-It Math Game. How sad! I can't even get the numbers right. We all make mistakes but I feel horrible that I put a 2 on the double game. When you use 2 dice, impossible! I made all the corrections and uploaded to corrected game board into Google Docs and my TPT store.  I think I changed all the links so thanks for bearing with me. 

Here is a new link if you need it.

Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Get Rid of "Prove you're not a ROBOT" in your Comment Section

Are You a ROBOT?
I am according to the comment section on some blogs.

As I was hopping along on a great little blog hop this morning,
 I went to leave messages in the comment section thanking all the great bloggers for sharing. 
I know it was early and I am getting old, or my eyesight is going, but twice I was told I was a robot and had to re-enter the correct numbers and letters.
Do you know what I am talking about?
This box!

So here is how you get rid of it 
so everyone will love to leave you comments. 
All bloggers love comments especially Teacher bloggers!

If you want to print out the directions CLICK HERE.
I am definitely not a very techy person, but this was easy to do. 
Those little boxes have been bothering me and now maybe I helped get rid of a pesky few!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Save the Date! Ultimate B-Day Bash

Save the Date!

April 5

Teaching Blog Addict is 2 years old and having the 
Bloggers from all over the world are already downloading FREEBIES Galore!

You can linkup through my blog.  I will keep you posted.
There are hundreds of free downloads for every grade level. 
No Need to wait for all of mine.

Here are 2 of the freebies I added so far. I will try to add some new ones each day up until April 5.
 Just click on either image to download from Google Docs.
This download has 2 math games focusing on doubles and triples.

Spring Break is almost over and the end of the year is approaching.
Here is a fun ABC Year End Countdown 
I have used in my classroom.

This FREEBIE has been downloaded over 2,400 on TPT!
Click on the Image to download.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Math Facts: Do you Drill or Thrill?

Since I am on spring break, I have had a chance to create a few new activities for my classroom. My firsties love games, anything with dice, anything you can throw,or any game that gets them moving. After spring break we will focus on the addition facts for automaticity.  My class has great number sense overall, and many of them are ready to move ahead. By learning their addition facts automatically, they will become more "efficient" in solving other math problems and have a greater chance of long term success in math.  I use the term "efficient" often in my class and they know it as "faster."  What kid doesn't like "faster?"  They look at it and know if they finish their work "faster" or more efficiently, then they can move onto bigger and greater things. I try to keep the focus on fun and not "drill and kill" their love for math. I am not a paper packet person, and don't believe that more is always better; as in doing 1000  math problems will make you know your facts faster. I have a plan in mind, but would like to hear what many of you do.
 I go back Monday, so I better get ready. 

Please share your method of helping students learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts.

One of the things I do in math is talk about strategies that will help us become a better math student.
  Just like the strategies that help us to decode or comprehend in reading,
 there are math strategies that help us become better math students.

We have been working on the strategy of doubling a number, and doubling a number plus one. Since my student are pretty good at doubles, I thought I would work on triples.
 I created  2 little math center games for practicing doubles and triples. 

Here is a peek. Grab them HERE for FREE,
 or just click on the picture to download. 
I have them in Google Docs and at my TPT Store for free.

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Thanks to those that do!

Monday, March 25, 2013

3D Shapes and More - Manic Monday Freebie Time

Shapes to Explore and the students want more.  Geometry is such a fun hands on unit. The students are completely engaged in the activities and learning without even knowing it.
  Here is a great little poem I found on Pinterest from Caitlin at Kinder Garden.

After exploring the 3D shaped manipulatives, students traced around each shape and labeled them.  
Next up a little treat. 
Marshmallows and Toothpicks. ( The round toothpicks work better. They are a little sturdier)
I gave each student a cup of mini-marshmallows and a hand full of toothpicks. 
Directions: Explore and Create.
Check out some of their creations below. 

Here are my 3D Shapes Posters if you need them.
Just click on the picture to download them.
This Freebie is offered at Classroom Freebies Manic Monday.
Be sure grab tons of great freebies by clicking on the link below.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3-D Shape Freebie

It's 3-D Shape time in Math!  Ya Hoo!! My class  loves the change from addition and subtraction facts. Does your math series seem to have addition and subtraction facts forever?  I know it is an important skill in first grade, but I find the need to supplement the book with other concepts during those units. Otherwise, I feel like we are doing the same thing for too long and it can become boring.  I do skip around and pull in other chapters to keep concepts fresh in students minds all year long, not just for the few weeks they are covered in the book. Money, Telling Time, Geometry, and Graphing are some of the concepts I try to integrate in all units. I had used a spiraling curriculum at my past school and now realize that I really liked it. So I spiral, review, reintroduce, whatever you want to call it, in order to keep math concepts fresh.

Here is a cute video to introduce your 3-D Shapes. 
If you have never used Harry Kindergarten's YouTube videos, you are in for a treat. BEWARE....some of his catchy little tunes and raps will linger in your mind for days, weeks, even months.  This is great for kindergarten or first grade.

If you need some posters of 3-D Shapes for your Math Center, here are some FREE to download. There are 6 shapes; cone, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, and sphere. I had trouble with the background showing up in google docs so you will have to grab it at my TPT store for free.

Just click on the picture below for the FREEBIE  3D POSTERS. 

Check back to see our Shape Museum Center and other fun Geometry Centers. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Linky

It must be your Lucky Day. More freebies.
Brittany at Lovely Literacy and More is having a St. Pat's Day Linky Party.
Just tell why you are lucky and share a freebie. 

I am so lucky to have a wonderful supportive husband 
and 2 great kids.    
Here's a Freebie!
Just leave a comment with your email and I will send it to you.

How to Verify your Blog on Pinterest! Make it Easier for others to find your blog!

Have you verified your blog on Pinterest?
I'm not even sure I knew what that meant until last night while pinning away. Basically, it links your blog to Pinterest, making it easy for friends and followers to jump right over to your blog. 
 It also displays your blog address vs. the earth icon. Here is a picture of what I am talking about.
 You will have a little red check mark next to your website or blog link. 

It is so easy to do. If I can do it, you can do it. There are different directions for Blogger blogs and Wordpress blogs. I saw this pin and found Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.
  She has a very simple tutorial to follow. 

It takes about 5 minutes or even less for the tech savvy folks. I am not one to mess with the HTML code much, but it is fairly easy, and you ALWAYS backup your template just in case! Good Luck!  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Pat's Day Linky Party

Need a quick St. Pat's Day Craft, Activity, or Idea?
Primary Inspired Blog is having a cute Linky Party! 
Join in the fun. Find the best St. Pat's Day Pinterest Boards out there. 
 Just think, all the boards in one place. No searching.  
Just click on the picture below to head over to the Linky Party.  


Happy Pinning! 


Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucky Numbers! Are you Feelin' Lucky?

Just in time for St. Pat's Day. I created an Even or Odd Math Center game for my students. Most of my kids get the hang of even and odd, but they love trying the the "bigger" numbers. So in this game I included numbers 1-9999. It is just a fun little center with cute DJ Inkers graphics. Love their stuff!

So just like yesterday, I'm searching for some new followers.
I will give the first Lucky 7 new followers this game. 
I will get it to you, so you can use it this week! 
Just leave your name and email in the comment section. 

You can check out this product description Here.

I'm off to do report cards!  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Pat's Day Hundreds Puzzles

I have not been blogging for quite some time, but I have been creating some new materials for my classroom.      Since I am trying to get back on to my blogging and sharing schedule, I thought I would give away some of the games and activities that I have made. I used to create everything using PrintShop. It is so easy to use and could do a lot of things (in my standards.) But I kept seeing most teachers saying they use Powerpoint  to create printables. So last month on a one of my snow days, I played with Powerpoint and found out that it is even easier than PrintShop. I now use Powerpoint for everything. I am still learning all the tricks and tips, but I love how easy it is to align things. I do miss the Headline feature in PrintShop. I am certainly not as tech savvy or as creative as many of the teachers out there that blog or sell on TPT. However, sharing and collaborating with other teachers makes me a better teacher. I have always said that if  I come away with just one idea from a workshop, book, bloghopping, Pinterest Pinning, or whatever it may be, I am a better teacher and my students benefit from my new knowledge. Hopefully, you will check back often and find your one idea or activity that you can take with you back to your classroom.

Here is a St. Pat's Day themed Hundreds Chart Activity that you may be able to use this week.  
You know those kids that can count to 100 or even 1000, but they do not understand the relationship of the numbers. I created these little puzzles to try to build number sense. 
These puzzles will help them with +1, -1, +10 and -10. This set has numbers to 100. 
 You can use just the puzzles or there are printables and answer keys if you want documentation. 

If you want more details on the Hundreds Chart Puzzles you can check out a more detailed description at my TPT store HERE.

The first 5 New Followers that leave a comment
 with their email  on where to send it, 
will get The Hundreds Chart Puzzles as a Freebie.

I certainly appreciate my current followers or past followers and don't want to leave you out!
 So 5 current followers leave me a comment and
 an email on where to send this Freebie and it is yours.

Freebie for all!
Here is a little writing project I did last week!
There is a lined writing page and handwriting dotted lined writing page included
 You can download it Here.

See you soon! I have more to share.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Room Design

Well I had a few moments today to start taking down things on my walls.  I hate doing this before school is out. I want the students to be comfortable in their room
 up until the very last minute. 
Does it stay or does it go?
Specialists Day and Time Schedule
This will stay for next year. I had this posted right next to the door and it helped me so much at the beginning of the year. New school, new times, weird schedule!
 My kids would have been at the wrong place at the wrong time without it. 

Word Wall
The word wall will stay, some of the posters will go. 
I want to add more writing posters to assist students in their daily writing activities.
The Writing Center is one of the most popular areas in the classroom. 
 This picture is terrible.
 We have this dark carpeted wall and it is horrible to get things to stay up on it. 
The kids used this word wall often while at the writing center. 
This word wall featured words from our reading series.
 I also have a thematic word wall in this writing center area. 
The student's pictures and names hang under our word wall 
as a reference for others to use in their writing. 
Summer Project- I want to come up with new interactive ways
 to utilize the word wall more next year. 

What posters to you have up in your writing center area?
What do think is most beneficial in your writing center area?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Room Reflecting

Did you like your room design this year?
As the year comes to a close, I finished out my first year at a new school and a new grade level (first grade). I totally changed my room this year. I scaled back the decorations, did away with my ocean theme (almost), no work hanging from the ceiling, and new colors blue and lime green. Now that the year is almost over I have a chance to reflect on what I liked and what I did not like. I have to  pack up and strip everything down due to summer camp at our school, so out with what did not work. I can always try a few new things next year. 

 Here are a few things I liked. My Beanie Baby Strategy Wall was helpful at the beginning of the year. Most of my students are above average readers but I liked having the cute animals to pull off the wall when teaching these strategies. Having extra Beanie babies available in a basket for them to use when they are Reading to Self or Reading to Someone Else was a hit. They used them independently and liked having a little animal to hold onto when reading.
I liked my colors so the signs I made will stay.
They are a KEEPER for next year. 

Do you use the Daily 5?
I added a new CAFE board this year. I used FACE instead and had the kids make their face for the bulletin board the first week of school. We used this board a lot! The students used the terminology and I referred to it often during our reading groups or during read alouds. 
It will stay for next year. 

These were both areas that worked for me this year.
The little Daily 5 (really 6) signs, I did not use. They will probably go. I have signs hanging in each center area of the room, so these signs are not really needed. 
I have new ideas for the wall space! 
Check back tomorrow to see what will stay and what will go. 
Do you make changes to your room each year?   

Monday, May 14, 2012

Memory Book Poem Freebies!

It is Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies.
None of us have any extra time at this time of year to create goodies. 
So head over and grab some free activities from other bloggers.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Here's Mine!
These are a few poems I use in my 

\End of the Year Memory Book.

Click Here for Great Expectations Poem