Saturday, March 23, 2013

3-D Shape Freebie

It's 3-D Shape time in Math!  Ya Hoo!! My class  loves the change from addition and subtraction facts. Does your math series seem to have addition and subtraction facts forever?  I know it is an important skill in first grade, but I find the need to supplement the book with other concepts during those units. Otherwise, I feel like we are doing the same thing for too long and it can become boring.  I do skip around and pull in other chapters to keep concepts fresh in students minds all year long, not just for the few weeks they are covered in the book. Money, Telling Time, Geometry, and Graphing are some of the concepts I try to integrate in all units. I had used a spiraling curriculum at my past school and now realize that I really liked it. So I spiral, review, reintroduce, whatever you want to call it, in order to keep math concepts fresh.

Here is a cute video to introduce your 3-D Shapes. 
If you have never used Harry Kindergarten's YouTube videos, you are in for a treat. BEWARE....some of his catchy little tunes and raps will linger in your mind for days, weeks, even months.  This is great for kindergarten or first grade.

If you need some posters of 3-D Shapes for your Math Center, here are some FREE to download. There are 6 shapes; cone, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, and sphere. I had trouble with the background showing up in google docs so you will have to grab it at my TPT store for free.

Just click on the picture below for the FREEBIE  3D POSTERS. 

Check back to see our Shape Museum Center and other fun Geometry Centers. 


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  2. Thanks!! Teaching shapes in my student teaching class right now!!

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    I love the 3D shapes video and song! It's great. I may not be able to get it out of my head all day! Also, thanks for the freebie.

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