Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation at Reading A-Z

Was yesterday GREAT or what! 
I downloaded so many freebies. Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers for sharing their items at TPT.
  But WAIT! More Teacher Appreciation FREEBIES.
Have you ever used Reading
It is a fabulous resource to assist you in differentiating your reading instruction..You will find thousands of materials to teach leveled reading, phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, alphabet, and vocabulary. If you are a regular classroom teacher, special education teacher, ESOL teacher, or a reading intervention teacher, you have to check them out. I have used their materials for years and particularly like the leveled readers and the Raz-Kids website. They are having an Open House with a one week trial for all teachers beginning today through May 11! 
You can download some freebies everyday. 
Just click on the link below and register.
Here is a sample of a book I used today from Reading A-Z for our Ocean Unit. It is a Level L book entitled Deep in the Ocean .The kids loved this non-fiction book about the depths of the ocean. I used this book to reinforce my students glossary skills.  I created a printable to go along with the book that you can download below.   We also used a diagram from the book to create our own crafty ocean zones complete with the creatures that live in each zone. 


And now for a shout out. 
All of us know what it was like starting out and trying to get others to come to our blog. Many of us are still learning, (like me) but we can all help each other out by taking a few minutes to recognize other teachers that are wanting to share and grow professionally by blogging. 
Please stop by and visit Tammy Wathen at The Resourceful Apple. I was her second follower. We all need encouragement and support even when we know we are working hard and doing the best we can. 
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 I left my freebies up for another day at TPT if you did not grab them already. I had a busy day  and weekend and have not had time to download anything new. I will try to get another new item and freebie up tonight. 



  1. Thanks for reminding about Learning A-Z. I downloaded as many ocean activities as I could before they cut me off. I love the freebie! Thanks so much!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. Be sure you download each day. I think the limit is a daily limit. So you can grab about 15 each day this week.

  2. I use Reading A-Z too! Love those oceans zones!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I Love A-Z and our principal just purchased it for us next year. I am downloading lots to use this week. The kids LOVE Raz Kids too:)


  4. So glad to see Reading A-Z as a success. It has great resources but in my district we have a little bit of hesitation when using it. It requires a lot of copies and a lot of prep time to make those books. And for me in kinder... I have found that the books often are more on vocabulary than reading. For example, our assessment books from this site are "This tiger." This gorilla." I teach language learners and so this is very difficult for them. They don;t always have the correct words (not to mention the sight word this being in our first assessment.) I am inspired by your creativity to give it a better chance and try to use the materials to extend into other projects... hum... thinking... we are doing insects right now. Maybe I can find something there!

    Thanks for sharing! I am stopping by from TBTS BTW!
    Simply Primary & Simply Centers

    1. Have you checked all the different areas not just the leveled books. I know our ESOL teacher uses the site. I will ask her today which part of the site she uses for her materials. In kindergarten they are focusing more on vocabulary than reading. They can not become good readers without the vocabulary. Building their phonemic awareness skills, sight words, and decoding skills creates a strong foundation for their reading and comprehension skills. I know the copying is a bummer but our kindergarten team last year wanted to get books into the kids hands for them to take home weekly. These books do use paper, it does take a lot of time to put them together, but it provides a tangible book of their very own to put in their bookbox and then take home to build a library at home. Use some of the higher levels books for read-alouds and have the students retell, sequence events, or make a story map. This year my students have tons of books at home so I use the site to pull supplemental books at each child's level for their book boxes. I also copy books that go with the themes we are working on such as Ocean, Presidents, Chinese New Year, etc. I have not even explored the whole site. There is so much to choose from. Pick and choose what you like. It is FREE this week at Reading A-Z. And Free is good for a teacher. Thanks for stopping by.