Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Room Reflecting

Did you like your room design this year?
As the year comes to a close, I finished out my first year at a new school and a new grade level (first grade). I totally changed my room this year. I scaled back the decorations, did away with my ocean theme (almost), no work hanging from the ceiling, and new colors blue and lime green. Now that the year is almost over I have a chance to reflect on what I liked and what I did not like. I have to  pack up and strip everything down due to summer camp at our school, so out with what did not work. I can always try a few new things next year. 

 Here are a few things I liked. My Beanie Baby Strategy Wall was helpful at the beginning of the year. Most of my students are above average readers but I liked having the cute animals to pull off the wall when teaching these strategies. Having extra Beanie babies available in a basket for them to use when they are Reading to Self or Reading to Someone Else was a hit. They used them independently and liked having a little animal to hold onto when reading.
I liked my colors so the signs I made will stay.
They are a KEEPER for next year. 

Do you use the Daily 5?
I added a new CAFE board this year. I used FACE instead and had the kids make their face for the bulletin board the first week of school. We used this board a lot! The students used the terminology and I referred to it often during our reading groups or during read alouds. 
It will stay for next year. 

These were both areas that worked for me this year.
The little Daily 5 (really 6) signs, I did not use. They will probably go. I have signs hanging in each center area of the room, so these signs are not really needed. 
I have new ideas for the wall space! 
Check back tomorrow to see what will stay and what will go. 
Do you make changes to your room each year?   


  1. Right now it's all about packing up and cleaning the room up. For my classroom theme I've kept with tons of colors, all bright and cheery--and plan on keeping it for next year. I also like to move around my furniture. That seems to change every 3 months :) I like change of atmosphere. :)

    Lovely Little Learners

  2. This year I went with the turquoise collection from CTP. Next year I am excited to go with Schoolgirl Style's {she's on Teachers Notebook} Rainbow Collection. I too scaled back on lots of decorations :)


  3. I love the beannie baby strategy wall!!
    I'm doing a linky party right now on my blog about favorite things in our rooms this year. Here's the link if you want to check it out :)


  4. I love Daily 5. I've been wanting to read CAFE for a long time. I'll definitely keep your FACE idea in mind. Thanks!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. Tammy,
    The Cafe Book is a must read. It is a great resource for teaching reading strategies. My kids use the comprehension terminology across the curriculum. The book spells everything out in a very organized manner, and lays out possible teaching models with step by step directions for teachers to utilize.

  6. Sandra,

    The beanie baby reading strategies is so cool. I just nominated you for a blogging award. You can pick it up at:


    Creatively yours,