Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tulips in Bloom!

My class has been working so hard.  I am reviewing everything I can think of before the big standardized tests. I thought I would give them a little crafty fun project to work on while I pulled math groups today.  I sometimes think we focus so much on academics and paper / pencil tasks that we forget that the creative projects are just as important.  We are studying about spring and plants, so these little(actually big) tulips fit right in.  I am one of those teachers that doesn't care if the room gets messy and glue gets on the tables and desks. It wipes off. You can clean the room up. Better yet, the kids love cleaning.  I know the fine motor skills are at work when crumbling bits of tissue paper.  I'm building those fine motor muscles for great handwriting.

Here is all you have to do to make these Blooming Tulips!  They look great in the windows.
Cut tissue in approximately 1 inch  squares, they do not have to be exact.  Cut the tulip shape out of poster board or I used old file folders.  I am cheap and I recycle everything. Students smear glue on a small area at a time, about 2 in. by 2 in. They then crumble individual pieces of tissue squares and start sticking them on.  I tell them I do not want to see any white spaces. Once the flower is covered, students cut a long strip of green construction paper for the stem and cut 2 leaves and glue them on.

Here are the finished TULIPS!


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