Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetry Month

April is poetry month and we started a off reading some of Shel Silverstein's poems just for fun. The kids thought they were a hoot.  I had them draw illustrations for several of his poems.  We then worked on writing our own individual poems. My hall walls are so bare so I decided to do a wall of poetry.  Our first project today was a color poem of sorts.  I laid out large chart paper with a color word written in the middle.  Students rotated to each color word in small groups and brainstormed things that are usually that color. When we were finished I gave each child an outline of a rainbow.  On each line of the rainbow students wrote the following:  
Red is...
Orange is ...
Yellow is ...
Green is ...
 Blue is ...
Purple is ...
They completed each line with words of things that are usually that color.  
They colored each line very lightly and added some clouds of cotton.  We will be adding some rainbow streamers to hang from the clouds.  This was a simple, no fail first poem for the students to write.  They turned out cute and will be the first project on our Wall of Poetry in the hall.

    What are you doing for Poetry Month?
Share your ideas!


  1. Hi! I am your newest follower. I found you through TBTS.


  2. Love this RAINBOW poetry idea!!! SUPER CUTE!