Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

I have been trying to figure out which Mother's Day Gift 
I am going to make with my students. 
 I have so many past ideas that it is hard to choose. 
I think I am going to take flower pots and have the kids use their fingertips 
to make flowers on them, and then plant some flowers in them. 
One year I had the kids bring in an old shoe and we planted flowers in their shoe. The moms loved them.
Another idea I used in the past is recipe cards.
 We made cute little bundles of recipe cards for mom.
 The top recipe card is the "Recipe for a Happy Child", 
 which is a super cute verse that any MOM would love.
 It is placed on the top of  a stack of cutesy, blank recipe cards and tied with a ribbon.  
Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy as my class would say.
I have used this with preschoolers, kindergarten, and even second graders.  
To add to it, I have the students write or dictate their favorite recipe to me.
Have them write about MOM's cooking. (mine would be lack of cooking)
They are hilarious!
If you need a quick activity here is a preview of my recipe cards.  I have sets of both girl and boy clip art.
I have also included 2 different writing activities that can go along with the cards. 
I just posted this on my Teacher Pay Teacher Store for $2.00. 

Check back for more Mother's Day Ideas! 
 Is your class making anything for Mother's Day?
 Share your favorite "Mother's Day Project" 
in the comment section.
It is fun to share your ideas and talents.


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