Monday, April 16, 2012

Measuring with Sea Creatures

This is the second part of Measuring with Sea Creatures. Read yesterday's post to see what we are doing. I surprised my class with the sea creatures today. After passing out their Observation and Data Collection Logbook, I explained how the sea creatures are suppose to grow 600% of their original size. Do you think that is true? How big is 600%? So we began measuring and weighing each of the 6 sea creatures as a class and documenting our data. After today, students will work independently or with a partner to collect their data.  At the bottom of each page students wrote brief observations using adjectives to describe each sea creature. My students were pretty calm when we placed the sea creatures in the water. Just wait! When they see them in the morning all "woohoo" will break loose! Let the excitement begin. Each day they won't be able to contain their excitement to see how big their sea creatures have grown. The news will spread like wildfire!

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Here are the Sea Creatures just after being placed in the water.


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